Hey there. Now that I’m settling into my new town, let’s get to know each other with the help of my updated portrait guide. I look forward to meeting the families in my new community, and I thought a peek at my portrait guide would help get things started. I’ve included a ton of great information about how to plan the perfect session, what to expect when working with me, plus tips on what to wear and all my product offerings. I try to answer it all in one comprehensive package. Whoo hoo!

Give me a shout to book your session today! I’m now booking for 2016!!!

Session guide from photographers in Greensboro NC

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Hey y’all. Well, fall is really starting to come to Greensboro, and since this is our first full season in our new home we’ve been doing a lot of exploring. We’re a little bit farther out from the city than we were in Georgia, so there are a ton of gorgeous open fields and lakes right around the corner from us — perfect for holiday photos! And thankfully, we’re still not that far from town that we don’t have access to those cool urban backdrops as well. Just yesterday I saw an amazing bridge overpass that was brightly painted in a rainbow of colors from ground to sky. Can’t wait to go back there. Any takers?

But either way, if you’re prepping for a fall shoot with me (I hope you are), or getting ready to take your own, I put together this nifty infographic with the help of my dear friend at Four One One Design to give you a few tips on getting organized so you can take the stress out and put the fun in! You don’t have to dread those annual holiday photos. Use this guide and just relax and let us photographers do all the work.

And, if you haven’t booked your holiday session yet, I’m still taking mini session appointments at a great introductory “welcome to the neighborhood” rate. Call me today or click the “shoot me a message” link to the left of this post 🙂

See you soon,



TAP outdoor session guide for photographers in Greensboro NC

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  • Shawn - LOVE IT! What great advice!!!! Really really good. Although I just read in Harper’s Bazaar this month that overalls are back! HA HA HA!ReplyCancel

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  • Dawn - Thank you for the great tips! Such a creative way of letting us know too. I love the last “show them some love” quote for the kiddos, that is important to remember!ReplyCancel

  • Shannon sowell - I want the underpass pics! I have eyed it for a couple years if we are speaking of the same one. I am interested in a family session but focused more on my 2 boys 11 and 9.ReplyCancel

So I submitted a handful of images back in April to an amazing online magazine for photographers called Denim + Grace. They feature gorgeous photography from many many photographers I love (and secretly stalk online…just kidding..sort of). I tried to forget about it, but secretly I was keeping my fingers crossed when the announcement finally rolled around. Being published this year was a huge goal of mine, so when I got the acceptance letter in the category I specialize in (children and family), well, ask my mom what happened. Essentially I cried like a baby. Like no words, just some sucking noises kinda cry as I tried to get the words out to her. (It was a rough week so that news was VERY well timed).

Anyway, given that reaction, you can imagine how I felt when I opened the book and realized I had 5(!), FIVE images selected from some of my favorite shoots of 2014. I simply adore the people in these images and am so happy these specific images were selected. Thank you so much to the amazing Scheels, Fuller, Roberts, Rayburn and Sword families for allowing me to photograph them, some for many years now. I heart you all. xoxo


Published work for Photographers in Greensboro NC

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OMG this branding!

Well check me out y’all! I’m shiny and new again thanks to the amazing Heather Cox of Heather Cox Photography. Not only is she a wonderful photographer in my favorite vacation town of Ocean City, NJ, she also shares her branding talent and does amazing things for other photographers like ME.

This has been such a labor of love, and I just adore my new site. Give it look and let me know what you think! Also, do you realize what you’re reading here….MY BLOG! Yup, I’m back to blogging so I hope you visit me regularly (and I promise to post regularly). 😉

Please please go see Heather’s amazing work at Heather Cox Photography. And if you’re in the market for new branding (or yummy summer beach photography), I highly recommend you give her a ring. I can’t wait to have our session the next time we’re down the shore. Grazie bella xoxoxox


TAP Branding web mock up

Initial brainstorming based on colors and styles that spoke to me, and inspired from the core by a card sent to me by my sweet friend, Cris.

Tracy Anderson Photography branding board

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