Tiny Tween, Big Personality – The Inside/Outside Project

Miss K’s Inside/Outside Photo Shoot

This session was really special. Miss K’s mom contacted me early on and told me how much a shoot like this would mean to her oldest daughter. K had been through a lot in her 11 short years and gathering love and encouraging words from friends and family would be so powerful. I always want to do the best job I can for each and every tween, but I really wanted to get this right for Miss K. She was a little quiet at first, so before I even took my camera out we sat on her bed and she gave me tour of her room.

I know I’ve said this before, but I love watching each tween pull something off a shelf to show me or point out certain things in their room. Miss K is quite the artist and I really enjoyed looking at all her creations — from a paper mache mask to a doll she made herself and hugged during our session.

Once we finally started shooting, I watched her personality come to life. She told me jokes, I laughed. She made faces, I laughed. She told me about her school and her little sister, I listened. And, after reading through all the surveys her family and friends filled out, I understood how fiercely loved she is. Her mom says she’s an old soul. Her Nana says she cares deeply for friends and family. Her friends say she’s a fighter, friendly and caring.

I agree with all of them.

Towards the end of our session she really opened up. The last few in this post are my absolute favorite. Every time I clicked the camera, she moved to another pose. Whether it was a silly face or bringing out the diva, she was Work.InG.It! Her mom and I laughed and laughed. It was an absolute pleasure to photograph her.

Click here to learn more about The Inside/Outside Project, including how session fees are waived for this project. It’s a little bit of work up front, but I promise it’s worth it. For you and your tween.

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One of my absolute favorites! Pure joy on her face. It makes me smile every time I look at this image.

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